Steel Samurai | nkabuto

This one is the kick start image for my personal project called "Steel Samurai". The theme will be "Post-apocalyptic Samurai Mecha".

robototo1.jpg (1224×823)

Don't miss this collection of works done by Mathias Verhasselt, senior concept artist at Blizzard Entertainment cinematics department.

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Sci-Fi Art:‎‏ Barrit Assassin - Digital, Sci-fiCoolvibe – Digital Art Sci-Fi Art by Marat Arslanov

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bug trackers by StTheo on DeviantArt

trying a small apu design , put it in a quick scene as well cheers bug trackers

uller madcat and hunchback iic by on @deviantART

another earlier deviant art piece that I touched up for the anniversary battletech book, under catalyst game labs. Uller/kitfox madcat/timberwolf a. uller madcat and hunchback iic