flour sifter ~ have one of these and still use it :) got it for $2, cant beat that with a stick!


measuring cups.

whisk broom collection

Kenmore washing machine, 1925.

Vintage tea cups

Old leather tape measures

cookie cutters

Flour Sifter - my mother was trying to make 75 gingerbread men for a party at noon when my sister poured water into the flour sifter - just another minor disaster back in the '50's

Hermione Granger

vintage kitchen tools

vintage fans

Black Distressed Black Vanity...

I remember my Mother using one of these every time she baked a cake...or made scrambled eggs.

Grandma On The Porch

Old Iron - these were used not only to iron clothing but heated and wrapped in blankets or towels and used at the foot of the bed as a bed warmer. Used'em as doorstops too!

Kool-Aid cups


Twine spool with vintage iron scissors.

reminiscent of the past