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My name is Morgan malott . This is my mom's pinterest , but I have it. I just wanted to tell y'all that so u didn't think my mom pinned this!

Younique pigments are AMAZING for creating that PERFECT Summer eye look! Be YOUnique Be You! #younique #3Dlashes #makeup #beautiful

Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding Recipe from Paula Deen _ Naturally, for this Southern Staple, I trusted Miss Paula Deen & her Famous Recipe. That woman can cook. Her recipes are simply divine & that's that!

.Fav! But it takes forever to get out of ur Clothes! I made s'mores with my friends last night so much fun!!!but I burnt mine😕 #badsmoremaker

My sister and I grew up at our trailer in the summer from June to August and we would sleep in the "Florida Room" with the, what sounded like a tin roof and we would fall asleep to that sound. Growing up I use to think it was the best sound in the world. Still is.