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Eat foods naturally red, blue, and purple, which contain powerful anthocyanin antioxidants widely believed to benefit the heart and blood vessels.

Many people unnecessarily put up with hands and feet that feel uncomfortably cold no matter the season. Here’s help to warm up.

8 ways to look younger now: smile, smile brighter, drink deep, flip your visor, update your glasses, cut back on booze, quit smoking, act your age,

Solid science proves acupuncture is an effective and safe pain-reliever. Now, research is closing in on how it works.

Emerging research links sugar-free soft drinks to developing diabetes. What’s happening, and should you kick your diet drink habit?

Sitting at a desk all day can make you sore. Follow this posture perfect tips to avoid discomfort and injury.

Its easy to take way too much of four active ingredients found in hundreds of cold, cough, or allergy remedies. Protect your health with tips from our pharmacist.

Sitting or standing in the right position makes sure our bodies function properly. Poor posture can lead to significant health issues. This infographic explains what you need to know...

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Here's A Horrifying Picture Of What Sleep Loss Will Do To You

This article shows how important those Zzzzz's really are.


10 Nutrients Scientifically Proven to Make You Feel Awesome

what is your body telling you?