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Conoco Motor

1940 Ad

Motor Oil

The Saturdays

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1940 ad for Conoco motor oil. The Saturday Evening Post.

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With you it's Holiday magic! ~ Christmas Coca Cola ad. ca. 1950s.

1950S Christmas

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Ad Chronically

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Vintage 1950s Christmas Snowman Coconut Cake recipe ad, Chronically Vintage blog

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Vintage Woolworth Christmas wrapping paper booklet. I love this cover on this booklet!

Oddeefrom Oddee

10 Crazy Old Christmas Ads

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I remember wearing these. Getting those seas straight! Oh my goodness. Ha-ha! Look at Santa!

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Seems I always had a View Master when I was a kid. 3D images of Flipper, the Flying Nun, 101 Dalmatians, Gentle Ben, Woody Woodpecker.

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Vintage Christmas perfume ad

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Christmas Party Punch Bowl, detail from 1962 7-Up ad.

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Vintage ads - the uncola for the Christmas holiday. Nice pin, Marcie Fleischman


A Look Into: Retro and Vintage Christmas Ads Of Yesteryears (1940s – 1980s)

Reagan Chesterfield

Vintage Chesterfield

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A Look Into: Retro and Vintage Christmas Ads Of Yester years (1940s – 1980s)


Vintage Christmas Advertising

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vintage christmas ads - Google Search

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vintage party advertising | Who doesn't want the Taste of Planters at your holiday party! MMMM I ...

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Some vintage Christmas ads Merry Christmas from Johnny and !!! #Christmas #vintagechristmas

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Mattel Barbie

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I sometimes long for the way Christmas was when I was just a child... a vintage barbie christmas

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I don't recall the catalogs but I sure fondly remember Woolworth's in Grant Pass, OR (1952 WOOLWORTH 5 AND DIME CHRISTMAS BOOK)

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Christmas 1940S

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Barbasol ad, 1940s

Greyhound 1945

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Christmas 1945

Vintage Christmas Ads

Merry Christmas

Christmas Flickr

Ill Be Home For Christmas

Greyhound – "I’ll be Home for Christmas!" (1945) Love this post WWII ad--"...millions of our men rolling home, lining the rails of every ship afloat, and framed in the windows of every bus, ashore!"

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63 Recipes for a Vintage Christmas Party

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Vintage Christmas Ad ~ Necco Wafers ~ Used to love to get these from a little candy store by the park in the town both sets of my Grandparents lived in.

Christmas Coca Cola

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Cocacola Cocavintage

Farsighted carolers struggle through the second verse.