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Star Wars Yoda Doormat

If you try to imagine your indoors nothing less than the Galactic Empire, welcome your guests in that style itself by placing the Star Wars #Yoda #Doormat

I don't agree with all of these (why isn't the first Jurassic Park higher and since when is Blade 2 good?) but I like the concept.


The Difference Between Geeks And Nerds [Humor]

The argument among Geeks and Nerds could go on for decades, but no matter what space drama you prefer, Cloud Computing is a technology that will exist when we are all dead and gone, or living as cyborgs in the dunes of some other planet. Also, we are the worst kinds of Geeks and Nerds, but that wasn’t news to anyone. Check out this Infographic for the other ways we don’t seem to live on the same planet.

digital marketing road map.
from LOL Social Media Group | Social, Design, Marketing & Mobile

Infographic: Your Digital Marketing Road-Map

Esta infografía sigue la vida del cofundador de #Apple, #SteveJobs. Basada sobre el libro de Walter Isaacson

How Steve Jobs Started #infographic

I like this for explaining why graphs and tables are so important to convey information. I would take out "infographic" and replace it with "Analyze Data" as a part of the scientific method.