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want this....

swallow tattoos have many diff meanings, 2 that i like are love because swallows mate for life, and a return home, because all swallows return home every year. plus i just love watching the swallows here at the ranch :)

LOVE the details...

Here is a list of 50 Skull Tattoo Designs for Men. I hope you will like These Skull Tattoo Designs. When we are talking about Skull Tattoo Designs for men, one

Abstract flower and paint splash tattoo I wouldn't personally do this, but I think it looks really neat!

tattoo by Peter Aurisch // flower tattoo // shoulder tattoo // paint splatter tattoo

Tree of LIfe Close up This migt be it!!!! #celtic #tattoos

First of all, I should explain what this is. This is the Celtic Tree of Life. It symbolizes balance and harmony. I love the element of lines this design uses. The Celtic knots and branches in tree create a flow. Also, this design shows the element of time


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Bad Tattoos Photoshopped Onto Real-Life Faces - It's a horror movie! If you don't get a real portrait artist to do your tattoo, your kids (wife, girlfriend, whatever) face changes to match the tattoo!

pin up tattoo I actually like this idea and wouldn't mind putting my own twist on it

sooo fucking sexy x.x Thigh bow tats. Saw this on a roller derby gal at the grocery store! Not a tattoo girl, but if I was.

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