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Hairnet (not snood) of ribbon. The hair is pinned up first, and then the net is put on.

Snood - the ribbon part, not the net You must arrange your hair before putting one on. Simply, this does not mean a ponytail or long braid laying loosely in the must pin it somehow and hide the ends. In the 1860's, women always styled their hair before donning a decorative net. It wasn't used in lieu of styling.

like the hair. simply dressed in a net. Notice the hair is still braided and pinned even with the net.

Renaissance hairnet instructions (in German) Can't see info about how authentic it is, or when it's from. Maybe 16th century?

Crushed velvet hair pin. This needs to live on me. ...pretty as punch!

Snood, circa 1860, a snood was a decorative netting worn to contain the hair into a low bun. It came back into fashion in the 1940's.

Southron Creations: Snoods or Nets? (historically accurate hair for Civil War reenacting)

Woman Seen from the Back (Ca 1865) Gorgeous look at the dressed hair under a fine net.

Net to wear about the house with a wrapper. 1862 Italy