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Hairnet (not snood) of ribbon. The hair is pinned up first, and then the net is put on.

hair net

Snood - the ribbon part, not the net

like the hair. simply dressed in a net. Notice the hair is still braided and pinned even with the net.

Hair net

Civil war hairnet

Chenille hair net, shawl, hat

Hair Net

Pretty beaded net!

http://timelytresses.com/trimmings/hair%20dressing/yellow%20green%20net.JPG This is the correct kind of net and ribbon to wear. Seen more on younger ladies than on older, but not unusual for older ladies either. It is not correct to call them snoods - snoods were worn during WWII. These are nets.

Fancy Headdress - This net is made of chenille, silk, or braid. A plait of velvet is placed round it, and at the side is a velvet bow. Take note my fellow reenactors, this is NOT a heavy rayon or polyester net.

Fine hairnet and snood, the 1860s versions were quite different than what we think of today as a 'snood'. - Click image to find out the differences

Hair pin by Castellani, Italy, circa 1860-1862, scarab set in gold with emerald (?)

chenille hair net, 1863

Woman Seen from the Back (Ca 1865) Gorgeous look at the dressed hair under a fine net.

Net to wear about the house with a wrapper. 1862 Italy

Net to wear about the house with a wrapper. 1862 Italy

ca. 1865 Alexandra Iosifovna... I pin this ONLY to demonstrate the chenille "snood" (note, not lunch lady... but a decorative element over fashioned hair)

Gorgeous striped silk dress. Pagoda sleeves and lovely hair net with ribbon. listed on ebay

Hand made hair snood