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Objetos disfuncionais de Jeremy Hutchison

Objetos disfuncionais de Jeremy Hutchison

dysfunctional luxuries deliberately faulty objects by jeremy hutchison

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Li Hongbo — Sculptures en papier

AMAZING Flexible Sculpture by Beijing artist Li Hongbo. Thousands of layers of soft white paper carve into a bust.

Blocks - Fabien Nissels

Swiss photographer Fabien Nissels is the man behind deconstructed body blocks project, in which he transforms human form into hilarious formations.

Breeze by HawaSoo

Les Ailes Noires clothes rails in graphic shapes made from welded steel by +tongtong.

Little people

Peluche is a Berlin street musician, who depicts scenes of street sex that unfold right under ones’ nose.

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Related image

Gregory Scott's self-portraits

Paintings and Photos Merge to Form Perplexing Illusions: artist Gregory Scott combines painting and photography in his series titled “Impositions”.

jeremy hutchison: erratum  In jeremy hutchison's project 'erratum', he invited workers from factories across china, india, turkey and pakistan to insert an error in the items they mass-produce every day. in this new iteration of the project, 'erratum', hutchison transforms these intentionally dysfunctional objects into a luxury brand, e-commerce website (http://www.erratum.co), commercial trailer, fashion shoot and a luxury store. Each object is authenticated with factory name, worker, date.

dysfunctional luxuries deliberately faulty objects by jeremy hutchison

Article by the instructor of "Your Brain on the Internet" - A lot of territory covered in this one from focused attention leaving students with attention blindness through to how he had students make Wikipedia entries instead of research papers and how student assessment of the course led him to innovate grading methods. Interesting read.

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