• Nemcy Cruz

    The new macbook pro features ThunderBolt, a super high speed i/o port. Only Apple could get me excited about a feature I've never even heard of. <-- definitely agreeing to this. MBP, I will soon have you... (hopefully)

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A minimalist gramaphone.

Acoustic Lab Zeta 2.0 Speakers

Drop Cam is a tiny camera that streams to your iPhone and computer. You can use it for a baby monitor, security camera, or DVR. Secure and easy to setup! $150

A very convient wristlet for your camera. $28

Soooo want this! Lomokino by Lomography! 144 frames movies on a 35mm film!

TDK Life on Record 77000015410 Sound Cube Audio System $300


AudioSource Amp 100. A no-frills 2 channel stereo amp that sounds great for a bargain price. $90

The incredible beautiful hand-crafted Orca speakers are hand made by Clark Blumenstein. $500 per pair.

Quirky Ray - $40

Olympus M. Zuiko Digital ED 45mm f/1.8. Steve Huff gave this a great review and is considered the missing middle lens for portrait shooting. $479

I just bought the Timbuk2 Q Backpack. I couldn't be happier with the plethora of pockets, built in bottle opener, and geeky good looks. $99

Love this watch from NOMOS. $1361.

Ricoh 500 G rangefinder

NuForce Icon uDAC-2 (Black) Headphone Amp and USB DAC

Grado RA-1 Headphone Amplifier $350

Grado RA-1 Headphone Amplifier $350

The Olympus EP3. My future camera. I am so excited about this. $899

Pretty much every review of this Zuiko 12mm f/2.0 lens agree: best micro 4/3 lens ever made. $800

Klipsch Mode Headphones

An outlet that automatically turns off power once your device has been charged to save energy.

2 screened laptop. Bad idea.

THULHU, CAINE HEADPHONES: these are gorgeous. #thulhu #headphones #leather

Pure is a water bottle designed for adventure tourists and world travelers that filters and sterilizes water from any source within two minutes. Pure contains two chambers. Dirty water is scooped up from a lake, stream or dirty puddle by the outer chamber. The inner chamber is then plunged through it, filtering water particles as small as four microns. Once filtered, the water is sterilized by a wind-up ultraviolet bulb.

Apple LED Cinema Display (27" Flat Panel) - $1000. Definitely on the wishlist :)