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Spanish artist  Lorenzo Duran carves intricate artworks out of leaves. He meticulously cleans, dries, and then cuts away leaf segments to reveal beautiful images and patterns.

Spanish artist Lorenzo Duran makes beautiful art on leaves. I have seen a lot of stencils and cut-out art on paper, but Duran's works on leaves are on a wh

クレヨン(クーピー)を彫って創られたアート。すごい美しい! こういうのって、多分、学校の授業が退屈なときにぼー…

Carved Crayons by Pete Goldlust. How impressed are you that, months after first seeing carved crayons, I am still resisting the crayon-carving bug?

"Autumn" - Cut leaf art by Lorenzo Duran.   This leaf has been cut by hand with a scalpel.

"OTOÑO" - 25 cm x 29 cm. Species: Platanus x Hispanica - Hand-cut leaf art by…


Deer in the Forest (a Leaf Cutout)

Artist Lorenzo Duran finds the perfect leaf and then carefully cuts away at it until he makes this amazingly delicate art. You can find out more about Lorenzo Duran’s cutaway leaf art on the art


nature rainbow - Andy Goldsworthy~~ we can all do this. next Fall go outside and look for colorful leaves. have fun! That is ART.

Leaf art by Lorenzo Duran11

Leaf Art by Lorenzo Duran

Lorenzo Manuel Durán is an artist from Cáceres, Spain - Precision leaf sculpting takes a steady hand : theCHIVE

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'Lorenzo Duran - uses traditional paper cutting to carve designs into leaves' this has given me the idea to use the technique using a craft knife to create this piece of art.


German-based artist Walter Mason creates intriguing, highly ephemeral work from ice, leaves and stones - whatever the natural world has to offer on a given day. Unlike most land artists, Mason’s art.