I probably look like a crazy cat lady posting all these kitties, but who cares.. they are PERFECT!

new kitty

i don't want much… just a mini pig, a french bulldog and a kitten… with adorable blue eyes like this one… please.

Tuxedo Kitten on Pinterest | Tuxedo Cats, Norwegian Forest Cat and ... See more black and white cat at - Catsincare.com

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Lil' wolf kitten!



sweet face

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awww so sweet

"An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any 5 year old." --Carl Van Vechten: Kitty Cats, Cat Face, Chat, Kittens, Animal

He made me LOVE.

my life is oveeer

Meet Sir Stuffington, the toughest tiny kitten in all of kittenland. He was born on the streets and suffered a raccoon attack. He’s overcome it and is growing into a badass lil pirate. Click through to meet him and then LIKE his Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Sir.Stuffington :)


LOVE kitties!!! ♥

Cute little black and brown kitty sitting in a tea cup.... so cute!!!!

Fur baby <3

My reaction to her news automatically put me in the thought mode of putting myself completely aside and making room for whatever she's got planned and going on. Not what the new me is all about. I will not go into a Tailspin because she's chosen to have another child. That sounds mean probably or selfish but I can't. She so often wants me to just fix everything but that's not my job anymore.