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    • Sharron Spencer

      Daily joke/cartoon from www.facebook.com/ laughter, funny, jokes, cartoon, positive, books, mental health, depression, bipolar disorder, health, women, stress, mental illness, stigma, medication, faith, book reviews, Prozac, postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD, pros, cons, hollow, therapy, chocolate, bunny

    • Becky Decker

      My favorite type of Easter candy

    • Aspen Country

      Easter Humor: Chocolate bunny at his shrink.

    • itsjustlust

      Easter Bunny Humor: Chocolate bunny at his shrink. @Brittany Luster

    • Don Salm

      Easter Chocolate Bunny Counseling humor: "I don't know, doc, I JUST FEEL SO HOLLOW INSIDE!"

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