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Are the horizontal lines straight or tilted? Hold a ruler or piece of paper up to them to see if you don't believe they are straight...

Lost At E Minor: For creative peoplefrom Lost At E Minor: For creative people

These 3D drawings will make you think they’re flying off the page

Don’t worry, you are not under the influence of any drug (or are you?), rather, you are under the influence of art! Artist Joao Carvalho, aka J. Desenhos, creates 3D optical illusions that will have you believing the drawings are popping out of the page. By drawing in distorted blue lines in his blank notebook, […]

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10 Coolest Flooring Designs

This optical illusion carpet, spotted in a Paris video game store, provides an illusion of a vortex floor. (

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Become the Story

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Here are some clever optical illusion truck ads that designed to play mind tricks.

The Spinning Dancer appears to move both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Stare at her long enough and you will be able to see her rotate both ways.

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Optical Illusion - Silk - Retro Fabric - 6SK136

Product 6SK136 Silk retro fabric with a smashing optical illusion design fit for a Mod inspired blouse, dress, or skirt Description: - Sold as 44 inch wide x 2 yard 22 inch remnant - Retro silk fabric

I would really like to try this. Like you really lightly sketch out something put horizontal lines in it then surround with verticals. Awesome!

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Artista de tan sólo 15 años crea una espectacular libreta con ilustraciones 3d


What Do You See? Rectangles or Diamonds? Or both? eyetricks Image Gallery #3 - Optical illusions from

optical illusions | Cool Optical Illusion ... =====>Information=====>

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10 Awesome Optical Illusions That Will Melt Your Brain

Are you trusting your eyes yet? | 10 Awesome Optical Illusions That Will Melt Your Brain