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Guindaleza (aka ‘Blondie’), an Iberian Palomino Pearl mare. This mare belongs to a very small group of Iberian horses that test as a single dilute (in this case Palomino) but appear to be double dilute, with bright blue/green eyes. Guindaleza was the very first Andalusian horse tested by UC Davis for the Pearl gene. She has the iridescent sheen, often seen in Pearl horses.

The Return of the 60's Flip. . .- Palomino - Horse Portrait - Fine Art Print - Palomino Mane - 8x12 print

“Let your horse teach you about yourself, for you may be at the age where no one else can.”

My last horse looked like this one. She was a quarter horse, 1/4th Arabian, Palomino. Plus, greenbroke which made life quite interesting :)