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Building the perfect hero #25. Innocence and Fall from Grace.The first novel in the series chronicles the transition from the lad's edenic early youth (although in a violent and primitive historical context) to the moment he earns hero status. Abuse, torture and, consequently, loss of personal integrity and PTSD signal the Hero's Fall from Grace.

Fire In The Mist: there is so much beauty in this world. Discover some of it on a backpack trip in CA

Red Deer by Steve Mackay, via 500px

Steam and Darkness 10x15 Fine Art by judeMcConkeyPhotos on Etsy, $45.00

Fawn. About the age of Clarice when she came to our home... Her Mother must have been murdered and she needed food to survive. She still comes when I call her to eat every day.

Mist and cherry trees.

500px / Photo "The Doe and the Jackdaw (part 2)" by Steve Mackay

"A root seeks water. Tenderness only breaks open the earth. This morning, out the window, the deer stood like a blessing, then vanished." | Standing Deer by Jane Hirshfield, The Lives of the Heart: Poems.

Don't trust your eyes in this forest. Left is right and right is left. Up and down are the other way around. And the creatures you see are monsters in reality.