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You know how when you have someone you care about not tell you what it is that you are doing wrong and they tell you that " I don't want to say anything because I don't want to hurt your feelings" well that is a wonderful quality to have. Although" You hurt that person by not saying anything". Plus if you have the right motives then there is nothing to fear. Sometimes people may not always handle it well at first but they'll come around because they know that you cared enough to say something.

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Do Not Judge My Story (Live Life Happy)

Do Not Judge My Story, For me this should say "I should not judge your story by the chapter I just walked in on.

But instead of considering this, I'll just pin something pertaining to child support and welfare and tag it as "get a job". And then have an entire board dedicated to religion, while being a hypocrite towards less fortunate people. Hashtag: asshole

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Life quotes

Showing my true, real self is hard. Bullied, teased, made fun of for who you really were is hard to come from. That's why people put up walls, barriers, masks, to hide behind. They're afraid that people will do it again, just like the people before.