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The Darknesses and The Light (Ibn al-Qayyim Quote) | لماذا الظلمات جمع، والنور مفرد! يقول ابن القيم هذا من اعجاز القرآن لأن طريق الحق واحد، وطرق الباطل متعددة Why is the word darkness is always mentioned in the plural [in the Quran], while light is always singular? Ibn al-Qayyim says: This is one of the wonders of the Quran, and the reason is that there is only one path of truth, while numerous paths of falsehood.

A prayer space in a Muslim house includes a traditional prayer rug, the Qur'an (holy book), and prayer beads. by annemarieangelo, via Flickr

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Quran’s Lesson - Surah Al-A’raf 7, Verse 30, Part 8 A group He has guided, and a group deserved to be in error; (because) surely they took the Shayatin (devils) as Auliya' (protectors and helpers) instead of Allah, and consider that they are guided. [Al-Quran 7:30] #DarussalamPublishers #AyatOfTheDay #Quran #VersesOfQuran