Cheer birthday party , we made cheer shirts for all the girls coming to the party and had them change into them as they arrived . That way you will look like a team . We made the shirts the night before , it took an hour to make 17 shirts . We got the iron on cheer decal from " Michael's" craft store but any craft store will have them.

I've always thought a great fundraiser idea would be to sell adorable cowbells!

Cheer birthday party , make cheer shirts and cheer bows before the party for all the girls Coming , and have them dress like a cheerleader for the day . That way you look like a team !!!

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Cheer birthday party !!! Make cheer bows for the kids and matching tee shirts they have a cheer " iron on" on them. The Shirt's were $2.00 @ michaels craft store and the iron on's were 4.00 but there were 6 in the pack. Also from Michael 's.

cheer shirts?? yes!

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Cheer bows!! Go Team!!

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Cheer team bonds :)

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A Bistro Birthday Party at the American Girl Store, from Serenity Now

Custom made hand painted cheer team yard sign on Etsy, $45.00

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