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Wisconsin DNR Proposes Allowing Packs of Dogs to “Train” On Wolves During March Denning and Birthing Season : Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Krachtdier Wolf  Wolf is een van de meest voorkomende krachtdieren. De reden hiervan kan zijn dat de wolf de leraar onder de dieren is. De wolf is de onderwijzer van een clan en deelt deze ideeën met anderen. Samenhorigheid is een belangrijke eigenschap van wolf en samenhorigheid is iets wat veel beginnende heksen zoeken bij hun eerste stappen op dit spirituele pad.  Lees meer op www.facebook.com/studiecovencarya

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The Tiger and the Lion may be powerfull...... but the wolf not perform in the circus #burn

The tiger and the lion may be more powerful.but the wolf does not perform in the circus. No wonder why the wolf is my favorite animal. Describes me very well I think :)

Individual wild wolves can be recognised by just their howls with accuracy - Which wolf is which? Experts may soon be able to monitor individual wild wolves by just their howls

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clover the wolf. these r my favorite animals! they r so awesome!



Black wolf

The Black Wolf is a melanistic colour variant of the grey wolf (Canis lupus). Genetic research has shown that wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation which occurred in domestic dogs, and was carried to wolves through wolf-d