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History, Jeremy Renner developing Templar Knights drama 'Knightfall'

With Vikings such a big hit for the History Channel, the network is looking to expand its original scripted series slate with a drama about another...

Chris Evans says 'Avengers: Infinity War' will shoot over nine months

Avengers: Infinity War, the two-part installment that will (for now) conclude the Avengers trilogy, will no doubt be a huge undertaking for everyone involved—and according to Chris Evans, the filming schedule will reflect that.

Mark Ruffalo: Where's all the Black Widow merchandise?

Fans have been vocal about the lack of Black Widow in Avengers merchandise, and yesterday the outcry was raised to another level when Mark Ruffalo tweeted out his own complaint.

Hulk's biceps are front and center in new 'Age of Ultron' poster

Just in case you’ve ever wanted a good, close-up look at the Hulk’s musculature, Mark Ruffalo tweeted out the “official” Age of Ultron Hulk poster.

Kevin Feige tells us everything he can on Marvel's Phase Three