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Color 1B# natural wave hairstyle European human hair extension. Prussia? << Isn't it like, Belgium and Netherland's bro, Luxembourg or something?<<<you got me I have no clue<<<my guess is Russia?

Little cutie - Mongolia ~ 1 in 200 people in Mongolia and Central Asia have blond hair, a gene that goes back 3000 years to the Scythians and other Eurasian Indo-European people's of ancient Central Asia.

Solomon Islands~ The people are naturally blond with no mixture of European blood and having African ancestry.

Lovely and interesting face. Her genetic profile must tell a fascinating history, with European and African roots.

Cloth Folk Mask. Bocovina, Romania. Fabric, hair, and beans. Romanians used masks in rituals concerned with fertility, rainfall, hunting, and for initiations in ancient times. Today they are still used to represent characters from folk mythology at special holidays such as Christmas and New Years, or for an important life events like a wedding or a death. Only men wear them. It is forbidden to say the name of the person under the mask. The maker of this mask is, Albu Ion.

100% European Human Hair Grade A+ Seamless Super Tape-In Extensions, 20" (51Cm)

Close up of 20" cloth Type VIII "German Child" boy doll, with human hair wig, Germany, 1935-45, by Käthe Kruse.

It's Amal versus the genocide-deniers: Mrs Clooney leads Euro-court fight for Turkish MP to be prosecuted for calling death of 1.5million Armenians 'a lie'

Appeal: Mrs Clooney will advise Armenia as they challenge the European Court of Human Right's ruling that the freedom of speech of Doğu Perinçek, who was found guilty by a Swiss court in 2008, was violated