Side Pony!

Low Chignon

Fancy Side Pony

The Bun Braid

Fancy Pony

fancy side pony

This pretty much makes me miss my long hair.


15 easy hair bun alternatives

side braid twist.

Lots of hair tutorials ...

This website has a ton of tutorials on hair do's...

hair tutorials

The Small Things blog

1| Section your side pieces of hair. 2| Pull the right side back to the left side of your head and secure with a pin. 3| Do the same with the other side, so that these piece overlap each other. 4| Repeat this as many times as you want to creat this effect! Make sure you can see where you are overlapping the hair.

The Alternative Braid Tutorial

Knotted side pony

10 ways to dress up a ponytail

side pony <3

Two braids on each side, wrapped around mini buns, adorable hippie hair

loose to the side up do