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    behavior board. When students do something good, pull out a stick with a number on it (1-100). When 10 numbers in a row are colored in, students get a prize, party, etc.

    • Elvia Valenzuela

      classroom behavior chart: a giant 100 chart and as the whole class does something really well one student pulls out a popsicle stick and colors the number found on the stick.  Once ten numbers in a row are colored in, a party is earned

    • Love to Learn

      Classroom management idea for the class. When the class does something great, one student pulls out a Popsicle stick labeled 1-100. When there are 10 squares in a row colored in, the class gets a treat. Could do with a 120 chart for Common Core too.

    • Jenna Shymansky

      behavior management: put a big 120 chart on a bulletin board for the whole year. Each time the whole does really well with something, have a student pull a numbered popsicle stick and then color in that number on the chart. Once ten squares in a row are colored, the kids get to have a little party, like popsicles at recess on a hot day. This would not count as the holiday party if you still want to have those!. From: Stories from Room 114: Good times

    • nakia Daniels

      Behavior idea

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    The BEST reward system yet... Classroom or otherwise.

    students remove a face each time they "blurt" something out.

    Attendance Board

    each student paints a popsicle stick and they are arranged to make a bigger piece of art. Great school unity project!

    Great ideas!

    Target's dollar bin, but after seeing how this teacher organizes with these accordion folders, I might just need to get these for my 30+ students!

    No more treasure box! Great behavior coupons. I love the ideas in here, like Show & Tell. Students get to pick rewards that are meaningful to them! I think this is great for starting kids on the path to intrinsic motivation.

    Give each kid three sticks. Each time a kid talks out of turn, take a stick away. Lose all three and talk out of turn again, get a red stick. Each red stick = lose 5 mins of recess (or whatever consequence you choose). Hmm.... Something to consider.

    beginning of the year-cute!

    BINGO board. When a kid is doing what he/she is supposed to be doing and I catch him/her, that student then gets to sign his/her name in a box. At the end of the day, I roll a dice for the letter and the number. The student gets a simple reward. - Good Behavior Management! May want to try for the new year!

    The best number is 73.... 73 is the twenty-first prime number. Its mirror, 37, is the twelfth and its mirror, 21, is the product of multiplying (hang on to your hats) 7 and 3.... In binary, 73 is a palindrome: 1-0-0-1-0-0-1, which backwards is 1-0-0-1-0-0-1.

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    Music History in 10 sec! I like this site. fun stuff.

    I can board. Would 100% use this in my classrooms so students know what they are doing for the day and also helps administrators and parents see what the objectives are for the day. Much better than having plain objectives written across the board.

    A great way to have students turn in their homework.

    I ♥ this idea!!! Great way to display class rules, reminders, etc. Use student photos with speech bubbles

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    Interactive Bulletin Board - I know just which bulletin board I can use!

    I would use this for students who finish quickly and miss a lot of problems

    Secret Student - pick a student each day to keep a close eye on. During the day say you are checking on your secret student and the class will correct their behavior in case they are the secret student