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  • Gayle Curry

    Trolltunga, Norway. Love the view! (Don't think I'd be sitting off the edge though!)

  • Maggie McMillan

    Trolltunga, Norway bucket list. stand on the edge.

  • Alex Hawthorne

    trolltunga, norway. the edge of the world

  • Sean McClellan

    Trolltunga (meaning: troll's tongue) is a piece of rock that juts out horizontally from a mountain above Skjeggedal Valley, Odda, Norway. noway would I be cought up on this ridge ever!!!! noway....

  • Wendy Sather

    Trolltunga Norway - possibly the greatest selfie photo spot on the planet. An incredible way to be on top of the world.

  • Vici Rsg

    Trolltunga, Hardangerfjord, Norway | photography by tustago @ flickr | follow the source link for more amazing pictures of this beautiful place

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"When you escape from something, you don't abscond into nothing -- you escape from one place to another. The excitement is in the instant of deliverance itself, because that, not the final destination, is the only moment of being free. It's the moment of feeling most alive and most oneself, unburdened by the expectations on either side." -- Elisabeth Eaves

I love this photo; it's a combination of amazing exhilaration and sheer terror at the same time! Very cool!

Trolltunga, Norway - OMG!! Norwegians do love their trolls. Trolltunga translates as troll's tongue and perfectly describes the piece of jutting rock.

Trolltunga in Norway Trolltunga is one of the most spectactular scenic cliffs in Norway. Trolltunga is situated about 1100 meters above sea level, hovering 700 metres above lake Ringedalsvatnet in Skjeggedal. The view is breathtaking.

Trolltunga, Norway - Infiniti of Clarendon Hills' Pinterest www.infinitiofcla...

trolltunga, norway | photography by tustago @ flickr | follow the source link for more amazing pictures of this beautiful place zamuz

I don't think I'll ever be brave enough to do that, what if you tripped? Still worth seeing for this amazing view though

On the Edge, Trolltunga,  Norway photo via grace - I don't think I could sit there my stomach is fluttering just looking at this!

Trolltunga, Norway. About 1,100 meters (3,500 feet) above sea level - about 700 meters above lake Ringedalsvatnet down in the valley. Folgefonna National Park with the glaciers in the background. Hardangerfjord region in Fjord Norway. 3 hours drive from Bergen (BGO) and a total hike of 10 hours.

Skjeggedal, Norway: Trolltunga - Why am I drawn to places like this when I'm afraid of heights?!

Awesome. #Beautiful #Places #Photography سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم !! منظر ساحر !!