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Bomboniera / porta confetti Cupcake fatta a mano...nascita, battesimo, matrimonio, comunione , idea regalo, by Bikico Handmade Creations, 6,00 su misshobby.com

#Dipinto su #pietra - PETTIROSSO - Opera d'arte - Idea regalo - oggetto da collezione, by creo.sostenibile, 13,00 € su #misshobby.com

Mini Fuoriporta, by Le cose piccinine, 8,00 € su misshobby.com

Orecchini 500€ idea regalo - euro - portafortuna, by Dolcezze creative.. il fimo!! , 6,00 su misshobby.com

Ciondoli conchiglie con animaletti marini fimo, by bimbalove's shop, 4,00 € su misshobby.com

Dipinto su pietra - SCARPINA - Opera d'arte - Idea regalo - oggetto da collezione, by creo.sostenibile, 10,00 € su misshobby.com

Portaciuccio Baby Unisex Bianco: donut, cookie, cupcake, ringo, pan di stelle, tegolino, gocciole, by Dolcezze creative.. il fimo!! , 15,00 € su misshobby.com

Cactus pin cushion. so cute

Pincushion Cupcake love!

his cotton label will give you a lot of decoration ideas and make your stuff more beautiful and unique. You can use them for various purposes, especially when you make something looking like vintage. Great for scrapbooking, card making, wrapping gifts, fun school project, and much more.

Quadretto nascita GIRL, by Teeny Weeny, 29,00 su misshobby.com

NAPPINE, by PICCOLO ANGOLO COUNTRY, 5,00 su misshobby.com

Handmade mini felt pie with lattice crust and a by TheSugarStand, $20.00

Porta Treco bebe

Kiss Any Frogs Lately Princess Felt Tiana by NettiesNeedlesToo, $8.00...dress up doll in felt

Felt Snowman Ornament Hand Embroidered Blue by JennMaruskaDesign, $8.00

Jasmine Princess Felt UnPaper doll and outfit by NettiesNeedlesToo, $12.00

Primitive Halloween Bunting Pumpkin Spice Garland by whatnomints, $57.00

Titania's tiara - Fairy crown - Leaf felt Crown - Kid's crown - mixed leaves with small rose on Etsy, $25.00