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LA FEMME NIKITA: Section One, a clandestine anti-terrorist organization, fakes the death of a jailed, convicted murderer and, believing her twin assets of beauty and ability to kill will make her a valuable new operative, trains her in the fighting skills necessary to succeed in her new job. The new operative, code-named 'Josephine', proves to be somewhat less ruthless than planned, however, as she had been falsely convicted and never murdered anyone. LOVE THIS SERIES!!!

" 'La Femme Nikita, called 'Nikita' in Canada, is a Canadian action / drama television series based on the French film 'Nikita' by Luc Besson."

2nd All Time Favorite TV Show. Roy Dupuis blows Shane West out of the water as Michael. (Le Femme Nikita) @Jenifer Ward

The official soundtrack of "La Femme Nikita", released in June 1998, is still available on CD from TVT Records. It features the title theme from composer Mark Snow, as well as numerous songs heard during the first two seasons of the show from artists like Depeche Mode and Afro Celt Sound System. A promotional release of Emmy-award winning composer Sean Callery's selections from his orchestral score for "Nikita" was first made available in May 2001.

La Femme Nikita (1997) Luc Besson's 1990 hit film inspired this action-packed series about the gorgeous and lethal Nikita (Peta Wilson), who is falsely accused of murder and turned into a top spy by a clandestine organization that sends her on elaborate missions to capture terrorists. While struggling to regain her freedom, Nikita travels the world to apprehend the targets of her bosses at Section One, whom she suspects have a malicious agenda that jeopardizes all.