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    • Jackie Tennyson, aka Crash

      Some of this is true with me, some if it isn't. Maybe it's because I have lighter brown eyes than most brown eyed people (like my husband, who has very dark brown eyes). Huh. Bons points if you now have Jackson Browne's "Brown Eyed Girl" stuck in your head. (Textgram via I Keeps It REAL)

    • Taylor Hopkins

      I don't have brown eyes, but this is quite possibly the best explanation EVER of my best friend. Most true thing I've read lately. It's another story with another girl in my class, though. She's the most deceiving person you could meet.

    • Gaby

      Brown eyed people are quite a force to be reckoned with. They are straight shooters honest to the point of being intimidating to those who aren't used to such open honesty. People with brown eyes are faithful friends, but only allow a few lucky people in their circle. Brown eyed people are not pretenders, they exemplify the saying "What you see is what you get."

    • Bek

      Well I'm not sure about how "intimidating" I am... But the rest sounds about right. :-P Brown Eyes Quotes and Sayings | Brown eyes quote

    • Charlotte Haviland Parkins

      People with Brown Eyes Sayings | it's because I have lighter brown eyes than most brown eyed people ...

    • Pam Fleming

      This isn't true for the brown eyed person I know. He is not a straight shooter or a faithful friend but very much a pretender. What is see may be what you get but can't trust he'll do what he says. I would welcome open honesty from him!!

    • hillary soule

      Brown Eyes Quotes and Sayings | Brown eyes quote | I think this describes you well mongoose

    • Ella Trimbach

      Brown Eyes Quotes and Sayings | Brown eyes quote | Hahaha... Strangely true

    • Jenn

      #BrownEyes #BrownEyedGirl

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    This couldn't be closer to the truth. In the last year I have changed in such a positive way even though I have had lots of tragic events in my life. It's so true that life experiences changes you and makes you grow. I love u mom!

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    This is true. As my husband says "If it's important to you, you'll do it. If not, you'll make an excuse."

    This made me think. What do we need to get rid of to reach our own personal goals? Physical, mental, emotional, relational? What is stopping you?

    This is true. :)


    Need to remember this.

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