Barry Windsor-Smith

Original cover painting by Barry Windsor Smith from The Conan Saga published by Marvel Comics, September

Earl Norem Conan Gallery

Conan Massive Caveman Giant Stream A Fierce Battle with His Father over a Late Supper Papi is Mad Cave Rock Spear by Earl Norem.

frank frazetta

Conan Frank Frazetta – was an American fantasy and science fiction artist, noted for work in comic books, paperback book covers.

Diversions of the Groovy Kind: Black and White Wednesday: "The DeZuniga Conan"

Yesterday was the anniversary of the birth of the great Tony DeZuniga, Groove-ophiles! In Savage Sword of Conan (July we g.

Barry Windsor-Smith: CONAN THE WARRIOR Original Art

Conan battles a war party of Picts in "the Black Stranger" by Robert E. Howard ~ art by Barry Windsor Smith

Cap'n's Comics: Axus the Great by Barry Smith

The first and fifth are especially good to embiggen, but I must apologize for the wrinkle in the poster (first .

Comicus - È morto lo storico illustratore Earl Norem

Comicus - È morto lo storico illustratore Earl Norem

Wolverine aka Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith - Weapon X (1991)

Wolverine, by Barry Windsor-Smith. ‘Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X’ is the measuring stick for comics with Wolverine as the main character. 'Marvel Comics Presents: Weapon X’ was published in.

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ungoliantschilde: “Cygnus: the Drawings of Barry Windsor-Smith Portfolio.


Beguiled: The second greatest painting by Barry Windsor Smith after Artemis & Apollo