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Cucumber, Collier Organic | Seed Savers Exchange

Suyo Long Cucmber

Poona Kheera (Seed Savers Exchange)--(Cucumis sativus) Originally from Poona, India, this very unusual cucumber matures into what looks like a large russet potato. Smooth-skinned fruits turn from white to golden-yellow to russet brown and may be eaten at any stage, skin and all. Tender, crisp, and delicious. Hardy disease resistant vines produce an early crop with good yields. 55 days.

Seed Savers--a non-profit dedicated to preserving heirloom seeds. Best tomatoes I've ever tasted. Try the Hungarian Heart.

Herb, Black Cumin (aka Roman Coriander) (4 per Sq'): Grown for its aromatic black seeds that are ground and used like pepper. Feathery plants have bluish-white flowers that are followed by inflated ornamental pods. Annual. DIRECT SEED 1/8" Deep, GERMINATION 8-15 Days, THIN 8-12" Apart, LIGHT Full Sun

Dragon Carrot (Daucus carota) The most refined purple carrot available; bred by John Navazio. Beautiful red-purple exterior provides an amazing contrast with the yellow-orange interior when sliced. Sweet, almost spicy flavor. 90 days.

CRYSTAL APPLE CUCUMBER is a New Zealand heirloom that takes on the form of apple when mature, although it is best eaten when small. Deliciously tender, creamy and great for salads.

Lacinato (Seed Savers Exchange)--(Brassica oleracea) (aka Dinosaur, Nero di Toscana) Italian heirloom that dates back to the eighteenth century. Bluegreen strap-like leaves are 3" wide by 10-18" long with a heavily savoyed texture. Excellent flavor that is enhanced by frost. Best eaten when leaves are small and tender. 62 days from transplant.

Organic Heirloom Purple Tomatillos -- Mmm, there's a bunch out back! Home-made Salsa!!

Growing tomatoes from seed to table - easy guide -

How to collect seeds from dry-seeded plants, such as peas and beans, for next year's harvest. | Photo: ©Design Pics Inc./Alamy |

"Corn, Black Aztec...(Zea mays) Delicious heirloom corn said to have been grown by the Aztecs 2,000 years ago. Introduced to the seed trade by James J. H. Gregory in the 1860s. Vigorous 6' plants produce 8" ears with kernels that are white at milk stage and turn jet black when mature. Makes an excellent blue cornmeal."