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Great to get kids in the kitchen - Super Easy biscuit recipe

cool 17 Over The Rainbow

Best Carrot Cake

The BEST EVER Carrot Cake Recipe. This dessert recipe from Southern Living magazine has been a family favorite for over 15 years.

Kit Kat Cookie Recipe

This Kit Kat cookie recipe is a simple cookie recipe for kids to make. It's also delicious!

*With Gluten free and Vegan options, of course! Although, it's an orange so it's already gluten free and vegan! I know I know, I keep encouraging sweet treats. I promise you, I'm a health blogger. The colder months always seem to require these little treats to keep motivation high,

The Perfect Cake for the Season - Harvest Cake

I love scones and sometimes they are so good you don't even want to apply butter for fear of tainting the flavour - that's how I feel about these scones.

East Turkey cookies for thanksgiving

Simple Tuffle Recipe for Kids to Make

simple truffle recipe kids can make. This easy recipe for truffles is so simple that even toddlers and preschoolers can be involved in the baking process. If you are looking for a great recipe to bake with kids for Christmas then this simple truffle recipe is perfect.

Cake in a jar

This cake in a jar recipe is a great alternative to cupcakes! The portions come already served, and guest can even take their leftovers with them!