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    Chemistry Science Fair Projects

    Combine a love of reading with a love of science with these Printable Scientific Method Bookmarks. #science #reading #forkids


    A salt volcano acts a little bit like a lava lamp.

    Make your own rock candy - good science fair project!

    Lollipop Lab~Dissolving Science Experiment for Kids from Fantastic Fun and Learning

    Awesome science experiment!

    Marshmallow Science Experiment...what happens to marshmallows in different liquids

    10 plant science experiments for kids - great for outdoor gardening or kitchen science activities, and fun spring and summer science projects for kids. They are also good for school science fair projects, from preschool to grade 5

    Kids' Science in the Garden...Fun ways to add even more science learning to your spring gardening in the classroom or at home!

    Marshmallow Science...simple science experiment for kids

    Quick and easy kitchen science experiments for simple learning and play. Look in your cupboards for kitchen science activities your kids will love!

    Magnet project...great product for station idea

    Chromatography Experiments For Kids | Science Experiments For Kids

    STUDENTS LOVE LEARNING ABOUT MASS AND MATTER WITH THESE SCIENCE ENRICHMENT PROJECTS! Students choose three projects to complete from nine different activities on the menu that are challenging and higher level. From doing an editorial about mass and weight to writing a list of soluable foods for a creative menu, the activities and projects are fun and challenging. A week's worth or more of excellent mass/matter science projects and activities.

    How to Make Lightning- experiment for kids

    Reading Fair Projects- instead of science fair or just as a class project

    How Does it Rain? Make it rain in a jar with this simple science experiment for kids.

    popcorn science fair project | Science Fair Success

    Potato Powered Clock for Science Fair Project

    Teaching density! Shake it up and watch it separate again! Great science fair project