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    • Eaven Starchilde

      Job Hunting In The Old Days in Mendon! #TRUTH #NOJOBS #NEEDWORK #ONEJOB

    • Liss Carroll

      black and wtf funny old photos : theCHIVE

    • Isabell Fig

      A complete cycle! But seriously the Great Depression was a hard time.

    • Margie Perkins

      Taiga's Vintage Stuff

    • Kathy Hansen

      Job Hunting during the Great Depression: "I know 3 trades, I speak 3 languages, fought for 3 years, have 3 children and no work for 3 MONTHS but I only want ONE JOB".

    • anabel sánchez

      The Great Depression, 1930. "I know 3 trades, I speak 3 languages, fought for three years, have 3 children and no work for 3 months, but I only want one job"

    • Naomi Kuster

      Job hunting in the 1930s. Looks similar to trying to get a job in 2014.

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