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Neuroplasticity. Tangrams my new neuron. I made a high score of doing a tangram in just 24 seconds :) You can always develop yourself to anything even things you had never imagined yourself being able to do it.

LEGO Building Challenge for Kids: Brain Puzzles

Hashtags can be thought of as little miracle search tools. Not only can they bring people to you, they can help you find people. If your Instagram has stalled out and isn't seeing growth it is time to re-think your hashtag situation.

Neuroplasticity, if you train your brain you can achieve what you want.. #Tangrams#master

Swimmy By Leo Lionni Thinker Lesson

I have updated this lesson to include the detailed lesson, a Tangram template, and a printable graphic organizer.

a safe dose of failure

legos, origami, tangrams, juggling, and jigsaw and challenging and allow just the right amount of struggling..from UsingMyTeacherVoice

Sometimes we are so afraid of failure as leaders or just as people in general that we forget we need to keep pressing forward! I also just flat out love Disney. :) - Amanda Barbier Finding Nemo - Just Keep Swimming. Use for positive thinking & inner coach

Newell's Nook features this colorful poster with the acronym MATH: Mistakes Allow Thinking to Happen. It is a tool for teachers who teach growth mindset in their classrooms and support students in seeing the power of mistakes in the learning process. It's a reminder that all mathematical thinking is valuable and can help us learn!