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Secret to a joyful life – John 12: 25 – Are you unable to forgive others? Are you stressed? No personal time with God and to study His word? This statement by Jesus might have the answer to your problems. (It is mentioned nearly 7 times in the Bible so please spend some time on this verse). What are things that you love too much to lay it before Jesus? Things like your ego, job, looks, family (Galatians 5: 24). God will show you and lead you in His path to abundant Life.

Oma, was studierst du? - Knapp 55.000 Senioren studieren in Deutschland. An den Unis prallen damit zwei Welten aufeinander: Jung und Alt. Das sorgt zunehmend für Probleme.

Our Favorite WIRED Longreads of the Year

Congress, Don’t Make Us Hitch Rides With Russia. Love, NASA | It has been 1,500 days since the Space Shuttle touched down for the final time. Grounding spaceflights was supposed to be temporary, to make the necessary transition to a new generation of spacecraft. NASA was left with no other choice but to write a $490 million check to our Russian counterparts so that we can get our astronauts to the Space Station. It doesn’t have to be this way. Congress can and should fix this. | Wired

Ready, Sit, Meditate

You know it's good for you, so what's keeping you from starting a meditation practice? Perhaps it's all a little confusing. Here’s a closer look at the three forms of meditation that are most popular today; see which one you like best and get started!