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      Mr Poppins™ - Winterberry - Ilex verticillata This compact male winterberry is the ideal pollinator for Berry Poppins or any Proven Winners® winterberry holly. 36-48"

    • lubarb

      Mr Poppins™ - Winterberry - Ilex verticillata excellent pollinator for Very Berry Ilex

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    Weigela, Crimson Kisses A new, compact reblooming Weigela with a tidy, rounded shape covered with dark, lipstick-red flowers kissed with a white eye. Early trials exhibit hardiness to zone 4. (3' x 3')

    Sweetspire, Short N' Sweet™ (Itea virginica 'Merlot') A compact, deer resistant shrub with fragrant flowers and attractive fall foliage. Features fragrant white flowers in summer and burgundy fall foliage 3' x 4'

    New Jersey Tea, Marie gold (Ceanothus, Marie Gold) Has all the features and beauty of Marie Rose™ Ceanothus but with the addition of bright golden foliage. Attractive rich pink blooms and showy red seed capsules complete the package of this beauty. Available Spring 2015. 24-42" x 24-42"

    Privet, Golden Ticket (Ligustrum "KLCX1") Enjoy all the fragrance and color of gold privet without the guilt of growing an invasive plant. Dr. Thomas Ranney of NCSU solved the puzzle by making a wide interspecific cross that resulted in this compact, colorful, eco-friendly flowering shrub. This seedless privet will not litter landscapes with seedlings. It provides durable season-long color for landscapes, and has fragrant late spring flowers. 4-6' x 4-6'

    Winterberry Holly, Little Goblin (Ilex verticillata "NCIV1" The first ever tetraploid winterberry brings you extra big and abundant rich-red berries on a dwarf plant. You will treasure this plant for gardens, mass plantings or as a cut branch. Its compact size makes it ideal for residential landscapes. 3-5' x 3-5'

    Summersweet ('Crystalina' Clethra alnifolia) This dwarf summersweet has fragrant pure white flowers in late summer. It has dark glossy foliage and holds its tight dense shape without pruning. The dark green foliage turns yellow in fall. An excellent native plant for the home landscape. 3' x 3'

    Summersweet, Ruby Spice (Clethra alnifolia 'Ruby Spice') The darkest red of all of the Summersweet varieties. This lovely shrub produces sweetly fragrant rosy blooms in late summer. Then in autumn, the handsome green foliage ignites into flaming shades of yellow! An easy-to-grow, multiseason shrub you will really enjoy. 3-6' x 3-4'

    Golden Angel Japanese Shrub Mint (Leucosceptrum japonicum 'Golden Angel') This stunning selection of native shrub mint will brighten up a shady woodland garden. Bold and vibrant golden foliage on a sturdy, hardy clumping perennial. Soft yellow flower spikes appear in the fall when most perennials are fading. Ideally sited in shade, where foliage color is at its best. Very tolerant of heat and humidity. 2-3' x 2-3'

    Saint John's Wort (Hypericum inodorum 'Kolmawhi') Bright white fruits on a well branched shrub for your enjoyment whether it's in the garden or as cuts for your home. Fill your fall garden and floral arrangements with lovely white hips. White can be used as a specimen or planted in drifts where it can truly show off. Rust resistant and easy to grow. 30-36" x 3'

    Pearlbush, Lotus Moon (Exochorda x macrantha 'Bailmoon') White, round flower buds open to 5 petaled, about 1 1/2" across. Flowers cover 90% of shrub in late Apirl /early May (MN). Borne in 7-12 flowered racemes at ends of short lateral stems from branches of previous years growth. Prune after flowering. 4-5' x 3-4'

    Ninebark, 'Festivus Gold' (Physocarpus opulifolious 'Bert Darts G')A colorful, dwarf, native plant that has lots of appeal, this improved 'Dart's Gold' has a chunky, compact growth habit and thicker, heavier stems. The result is a sturdy plant with lots of easy color. It maintains its yellow color throughout the season. 3-4' x 4-5'

    Buttonbush, 'Sugar Shack' Cephalanthus occidentalis 'SMCOSS' Colorful red fruit and glossy foliage. Add in cool looking, fragrant white flowers and you've got a delightful plant that shines from spring to fall. 3-4' x 4'

    St. Johnswort, Mystical Orange (Hypericum 'Kolmoran') Beautifully colored fruits on perfectly branched varieties for your enjoyment, whether it's in the garden or as cuts for your home. A large, orange-berried form, Mystical™ Orange will fill your fall garden with interest and your floral arrangements with lovely colored hips! Perfect for a sunny border. 24-30" x 30-36"

    Winterhazel, Golden (Corylopsis, spicata 'Golden Spring' or 'Aurea') In spring the new foliage emerges acid yellow with a tint of red and orange, quickly maturing to a fresh canary yellow. Will hold its color well into summer in half day sun, in more shade it will fade to a lovely chartreuse. Older shrubs develop a graceful layered branching pattern that will show the dangling chains of winter flowers to perfection. In fall tones of yellow and orange are predominate. 4' x 4'

    Potentilla, Happy Face, Pink Paradise (Potentilla fruticosa 'Kupinpa') The clear pink, semi-doubled flowers hold their color longer than other pink potentillas, although they may still fade under intense heat. Excellent choice for cooler climate gardeners who want low-maintenance flowers all summer long. 24-36" x 24-36"

    Potentilla, Happy Face White (Potentilla fruticosa 'White Lady') Extra large, pure white flowers adorn this plant from spring to late summer. It has a dense habit with dark green foliage. Excellent for mass plantings. Available Spring 2013. 24-36" x 24-36"

    St. John's Wort, Mystical Red Star (Hypericum 'Kolmred') Beautifully colored fruits on perfectly branched varieties for your enjoyment, whether it's in the garden or as cuts for your home. A large red-berried form, Mystical™ Red Star will fill your fall garden with interest and your floral arrangements with lovely colored hips! Rust resistant. 24-30" x 30-36"

    St. John's Wort, Brigadoon (Hypericum calycinum ‘Brigadoon’) A unique yellow-leaved form of this popular groundcover. Golden-yellow flowers appear from late spring to fall. Bushy plants form a dense weed-proof patch. Especially useful for stabilizing slopes. Excellent among shrubs and trees. Evergreen in mild winter areas. Drought tolerant once established. Best colouring will be with some direct sun each day. 12-16" x 12-23"

    St. John's Wort, Golden Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum 'Golden Tutsan') Brighten any shady garden with the electric yellow foliage of this St. John's Wort. Unique yellow flowers are followed by attractive red berries in the fall. Low mounding habit is perfectly suited for mass plantings. 18-24" x 18-24"

    Potentilla, Mango Tango (Potentilla fructosa 'Mango Tango') Mango-orange and red bi-colored flowers on a plant with dense and compact growth. The flower color is best during the cool periods of spring and autumn and will fade to yellow in the summer. A great little plant for the perennial border. 2-3' x 2-3'

    Potentilla, Sunset (Potentilla fruticosa 'Sunset') Masses of color from glowing brick-orange blooms held on dense branches. Neat, compact shrub useful for borders, low hedges or entryways. Flower color fades to yellow in hot weather. Deciduous. 2' x 3'

    Potentilla, Pink Beauty (Potentilla fruticosa 'Pink Beauty') A floriferous selection with clear pink flowers that cover the bright green foliage; flower color will fade when nights are extremely hot. A veratile shrub for borders, along walks, low hedges and as a mass or foundation planting. Deciduous. 3' x 3'

    Potentilla, Frosty (Potentilla fruticosa 'Monsidh') A versatile small shrub producing large frost-white single rose-like flowers. Finely textured foliage on a mounding form. Use as a colorful accent in front of shrub borders. Deciduous. 1.5' x 3'

    Ninebark, Dart's Gold (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Dart's Gold') Striking foliage color on a compact, mounded shrub. Large maple-like leaves emerge bright golden yellow in spring, age to lime green, then take on a golden hue with a bronze tint in fall. Small white flowers bloom in dense clusters in late spring, followed by small red fruit. 4-5' x 4-5'

    Ninebark, Little Devil (Physocarpus opulifolius 'Donna May') This "cute little devil" will add deep burgundy foliage color to your garden in a compact, easy to grow and maintain shrub, Bailey Nurseries 3-4' x 3-4'