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New Skin for a new Lady! Victoria 6 Skin Tones use the new Subsurface Shader for added realism. 16 lips presets (eight glossy, eight non-glossy) and several Eye and Make-Up options to choose from. Give Victoria 6 the 'next generation' treatment that she deserves!

Candace is a top quality character designed for Victoria 6 and for use in DAZ Studio 4.6 (and up) and Poser 9 (and up).

The flowers on the ground and the sky above were the inspiration for this texture set. It adds a wide range of options to your Song of Spring clothing set. Mix-and-match dress and skirt styles, add the flower textures of your choice and create your own unique look! All material presets have been carefully customized to render optimal results in both DAZ Studio and Poser.

When the first sun rays of spring wake the flowers with their kisses, the air is filled with song and a new cycle of life begins. Spring is here! And currently you'll be able to add it to your Runtime with this attractive new outfit for Genesis a pair of female.

With this bundle you'll have all your needs covered: Classic, cool, cute or hot - choose whatever fits your scene! This bundle includes the base set plus all three texture packs: Cool Basics, Cute Basics and Hot Basics.

Victoria 6 Merchant Essentials Eyes and Makeup

High heel pointy boots, reflecting a pair of beautiful female models legs. This seductive set comes with 12 colors, as well as 12 matching colors of pantyhose to add even more charm. Pick up this set of must-have Victoria 6 boots today.

Creativity is a must in the world of fashion, and Wicked Cutout is as creative as they come. This skintight outfit is flexible, fun, and sexy. Let your Genesis 2 females show off their bodies and their keen sense of fashion with Wicked Cutout.

Life on the road is difficult. you're dirty, overwhelmed and worn. If you drive arduous and drive quick, than perhaps you'll keep out of trouble... or even it'll realize you anyway.

Create the woman next door or a dramatic diva with this fantastic, curly hairstyle. It comes with lots of morphs and plenty of photorealistic hair colors, as well as eye-catching fantasy hair colors. Perfect for any imagination.