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Age:9 years old-Our summer holiday. We took the boys to Brighton for two weeks. Chris adores he's older brother Mark.

Age:3 years old-First gateway! Chris has lost he's first baby tooth. He's brother mark has told him to put he's tooth under he's bed so as a tooth fairy will leave him a present under he's pillow!

Age: 18 months old-Potty training Chris! Marks been very helpful in showing he's little brother how it's done!

Age:71/2 years old- Chris's dad and he's brother Mark spent a lot of time with Chris encouraging him to learn to read. I feel very sorry for my poor baby having to struggle so much. It's no wonder he hates reading.

Age: 21/2 months old-My baby's baptism. Chris was good as gold. It was a lovely day and everyone had a great time. Mark was very protective of he's baby brother.

Age:4years old-Chris's first nursery play! We all went to see our fairy Chris! Mark waved at he's little brother. Chris couldn't stop smiling and looking a bit shy which is not norm for our Chris.

Age:12 years old-We took Christopher and he's brother Mark for a camping trip up North. Christopher loved it whilst mark endured it!

Age: 8 years old- Chris's sports day! Chris was so competitive! He's brother Mark was even more! We were very proud of Chris. He won most of he's races and was very pleased, even more pleased when all the children were given an ice cream as a treat!

Age: 31/2 months old-My Beautiful baby is beginning to smile and respond to sounds around him. Chris makes a lot of cooing and squealing noises which is music to my ears.