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Painted planter of pipe and tires @ Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon Austin Texas in// Red Start Design Studio collaboration with Margaret Vera

Fresa'S Chicken

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Painted planter of pipe and tires @ Fresa's Chicken Al Carbon Austin Texas in// M. Marchesseault in collaboration with Margaret Vera

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M. Marchesseault with Virginia Yount for Kirk Gallery Austin Texas // hand painted mural

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Red Start Design Studios// Jason Neufeld/ Rachale Shannon/ Michelle Marchesseault Austin Texas

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modern garden Repinned by #pots #planters #vasi #interiors #interiordesign #architecture #outdoordesign

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Ceramic Pig Planter Vintage Design in Lemon Yellow Succulent Planter Retro Sponge Holder Home Decor

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by Miriam Brugmann

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Playroom by Rachael Shannon and Michelle Marchesseault with Tracey Overbeck-Stead Interiors Austin Texas

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faceted hanging planter, $60,

Etsyfrom Etsy

Pig Planter Ceramic 60s Mini Desk Pig Planter Vintage Design in Orange Succulent Planter

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painted wallpaper mural by Red Start Design Studios in Austin

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Succulents. 'Chicks & Hens' so pleased with how easy this was to grow this summer. Will be planting many more next year. Hardy & simple, cannot go wrong.

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Frida street art mural

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Succulent Pipe Fence