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  • Rhonda Wright-Hanson

    "Another Daily Housekeeping Schedule" For a much smaller urban home: Laundry: Monday, sheets and towels; Tuesday, regulars; Wednesday, delicates; Thursday, whites Chores for one person: day 1, wipe appliances; day 2, dust; day 3, clean shower; day 4, clean toilet Chores for other person: day 1, clean countertop; day 2, vacuum; day 3, clean bathroom counter. Daily: clean dishes as they are used, wipe countertops as they are used. Friday–Sunday rest! This has been working wonderfully for months now!

  • Nicole Elkins

    Daily Housekeeping Schedule. Good idea- I thrive with routines

  • Karly Bergstedt

    House Cleaning Schedule- Good Ideas

  • Dolores Crawford

    Daily Housekeeping Schedule Keep up with house chores

  • Sarah Burke

    Daily Housekeeping schedule. After all these years, I still struggle w/ letting EVERYTHING pile up. I should try making myself a chore chart instead of one just for the kids!

  • Angela Braswell

    Weekly cleaning schedule..I may swap some of the days, but a good idea!!

  • JoAnn Leach

    Cleaning organization- house cleaning schedule

  • Angela Stewart
    Angela Stewart • 3 years ago

    Ive been using this for a week and love it. Lets me not worry about whats not getting done because I know there is a day for it.

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