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Ocassionally i still find a pin that has been pinned to the wrong board. And let's hope that i can keep finding things that i have pinned twice since pinterest wants to limit how much i can pin. It's one of those things that really frustrates me.

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The rules of pen clicking.

Hahaha exactly what I have to remind myself of when I start to click my pen in public places. To everyone else I'm the annoying one.


Internet vs. real life…

I have no idea why I am even laughing at this ...

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Cannot be Unseen


As 100 fotos mais engraçadas, chocantes, impactantes e criativas de 2013


If you drive one of these…


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The 21 Most Awkward Situations In History

Funny and Relatable!

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You know it's true

You know its true

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Every time I shop somewhere

Haha, definitely! And in airports? They make you feel like a criminal!