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21st Birthday


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Couldn't do this when I was in Seattle last October - there was construction going on and we couldn' get to the wall! Must mean I get to go back to Seattle!!!! YAY!

Done it in Florida but I think it only counts if you do it on top of a mountain ;-) again afraid of heights and my there's the vertigo issue but I won't stop me!!!

Done this already, but he knew it was coming..... Plus it wasn't a real pie, just Whip Cream.

sounds weird...i just want to pour a whole thing of pop rocks in my mouth....

Before I Die. This is the one thing that I HAVE to do before I die

mudd wrestle :], i have done this before andd wouldd love to do it again, lol.

it would be so much fun if it was an old movie....

the people from pixar said their asian employees said the word "fisherman" like "p.sherman" so thats how they came up with that