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    • Lands End at Sands Point, NY

      Empire State Building, 1930 - New York City skyscrapers under construction - NY Daily News

    • Virginia Wagner Galfo

      Empire State Building, 1930 The iconic Empire State Building was completed in 1931 after two years of construction. It is 102 stories tall.

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    Some vintage adrenaline. Acrobats balance on top of the Empire State Building

    Empire State Building, New York City by Brooke Pennington

    ‘Construction of the Empire State Building was one of the most remarkable feats of the 20th century. It took only 410 days to build, by 3,400 workers, many of them desperate for work at the height of the Depression. The work force was made up largely of immigrants, along with hundreds of Mohawk Indian iron workers.’ 1931

    Zeppelins in New York City passing over an under construction Empire State bldg 1930

    Construction workers on the Empire State Building, 1931

    A worker relaxing during the construction of a New York skyscraper in the 1930's

    1930 (06) Empire State Building, man waves from the construction site by straatis, via Flickr

    Life - building the empire state building

    Zeppelin bij Empire State Building in aanbouw / Zeppelin near the Empire State Building under construction

    Manhattan Bridge Empire State Building photo by Mitchell Funk

    1929-1931 - Empire State Building under construction