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I love this luggage - so much that I found my own set to love and cherish. I hope goes around the world with me!

Exhibit B. I found this picture first, long before I found an un-messed-with photo of the Tulip Stairs. Even though I was pretty sure the turquoise color was fake, I really admired the iron work, so I pinned it.

It’s your world. Paint it aqua with accent furniture, decor, dinnerware and art in this cooling and calming hue. Bring home the look!

this would make me happy to see in the fridge or on the counter or on the shelf or in a cupboard or or or #turquoise #aqua

tints and shades of Aqua. Really don't want rigid colors in the wedding. Would much rather have a range of colors like this. Emphasis on patterns and textures, not actual color.

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I would love to have these aqua colored converse. They would match perfectly with the aqua colored t-shirt I bought last week!

Perfect office space in the coolest color palette. Built-ins and grasscloth in a lightish greened turquoise accented by deep mossy brown and lemon. Love the graphic rug, the sconces, the floral print on the roman shade, and the settee placed cozily between the shelves.