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"Why I'm Vegan" by Pamela Tourigny, a thoughtful and touching essay… "If you are thinking about veganism because you value the lives of animals, I encourage you to release your preconceptions and your fears, and jump right in. I’ve never for a single moment regretted aligning my actions with my beliefs." I couldn't agree more!

#WorldAnimalDay we remember all those who've tragically and needlessly lost their lives to clothe, feed and entertain us #vegan

Pro vegan: they feel pain, agony fear .. but they also feel love and friendship. They are friends, not food. Please go vegan.

Pigs naturally live and spend their time in groups. They express friendships with each other. Like human children, piglets are particularly fond of play and chase and generally engage in a wide variety of enjoyable activities. Pigs are also very active, traveling up to 30 miles a day. Pigs raised for slaughter are denied every single one of these behaviors.

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