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While I do believe in God, it frustrates me to no end that someone that benevolent would harbor so much hate. If He has a plan for EVERYONE, how do we know that He doesn't have a plan for gay people. Its not like they throw a switch and instantly turn!

I need to try this lol what the fudge swirl are you talking about? Neapolitan that hurt! Okay, now I'm really pistachio'd. You fudge chipping cookie dough, I can't believe you just did that. I'll kick your rocky road=the best ice cream threat/curse.

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I think the funniest part for us is I'm the one who is super excited by Christmas stuff coming out in September while D hates it, but come November we switch roles and I demand having my Thanksgiving before anything remotely Christmas comes in the house.

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Yes. This is me and my class mates every time we watch a film at school and we ship the main characters so much. We'll even tell everyone else to shut up when they are about to kiss. We aren't that crazy *eye twitches* I asure you.