♫ “Love renews the world, one person at a time….in forgiving, we break the cycles of pain..our thoughts and actions they hold eternal power, yet He’s willing to wipe our dark slates clean…A revolution of your heart it’s the truth of your vibration, it’s a way the world becomes, all the things that it can be…” ♫ (Lyrics; “Revolution Of Your Heart” - Mary Elder - I-Tunes / Amazon)

thank you God

Even better would be, "I'll be nice to you, whether or not you are to me". Golden rule, treat others as you would want to be treated...

Life Quote.

To whomever is reading this. Be you're beautiful self my friend, be your beautiful self. Always.


Some Words, Just Because


Yes, they are! #Quotes #Sayings #Phrases #Inspiration #Determination #Motivation **LOVE** JD


scars are badass. @Chelsey Horne Baby Girl....

Be nice.

hope my girls live this everyday--you are worth it

Sending hugs to all my friends tonight. If I were there in person, I would give you a hug tonight. Just to let you know I love you and that you are special to me, and thank you for being in my life. My life is enriched because you are in it.

To say that I overthink things is an understatement


nuf said.

i like people too much or not at all.

Price vs. Value, in the words of Oscar Wilde. Loved the movie, btw, starring Stephen #Frey. www.jaymug.com/post/18082447878/nowadays-people-know-the-price-of-everything-and#disqus_thread