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Steak with Mushroom Sauce (Steak Aux Champignons)

After a rather productive week in the kitchen last week, I’ve been feeling wholly uninspired this week. Call it a case of chef’s-block, or cooking apathy, but the mere act of getting myself into the kitchen has felt like chore. I even had a bout with a nagging craving for bad Chinese food, which I …

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Main Dish: Peppered Filet Mignon with Blackberry Sauce #ModernHolidayFeast

Grilled Filet Mignon with Brandy Mustard Sauce The bite of mustard and the char of the grill amp up the flavor of tender but mild-tasting filet mignon. Be sure to have all the sauce ingredients ready to go before starting the meat. For perfect timing, add the cream to the sauce while the steaks are resting; they'll be done at the same time.

Grilling season is here! Try this Asian marinated, grilled flank steak! Everyone who tries it raves! Also, how to make a flank steak as tender as filet mignon.

Triple-Pepper T-Bone Steaks Brush thin slices of potato with olive oil, then grill them beside the steaks. Also serve a spinach and red onion salad with creamy ranch dressing. New York-style cheesecake is the perfect dessert.

Fillet in Black Pepper with a Delicious Mushroom Sauce

quick pepper steak stroganoff - wonderful

Grilled Steak Bites Recipe ~ Simple, and utterly delicious!

The time needed to cook a steak varies depending on its thickness, and how you like it. Here are a few good tips to help you figure out when yours is perfect. NEVER cut into a steak to see if it's done-you'll release all the juices that make it taste so good!