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Thinking of Inking? Not planning on getting a tattoo anytime soon.. But if I ever do go there, this will be helpful

This is so incredibly close to what I have envisioned for my next tattoo that I'm a little scared. #tattoos

Love henna! Thinking about a henna tattoo on my foot because of the work I do in India & the lives there that have changed me.

TestCorp is a South Australian safety testing company. If you want to support a local company that gives back to the community contact us today for an obligations free quote. The cost structure and service dates are based upon the location and work required.

I am very happy with my personal Love is All You Need tattoo, but this is one of the coolest tattoos I have EVER seen!

Not big on tattoos but I like some; usually ones like are very small, have special significance to the person who wears, is original, light in color and can be easily hidden. At first I thought this tattoo was really pretty; then I noticed how the pretty pink tones brought out the persons veins! Lol, I'm just sayin;)

Choose your artist *very* carefully. Choose an image that has personal meaning to you. Look at pain charts and pick the location carefully. Keep in mind that there's some very good tattoo coverup makeup these days. I personally have a couple that have to be covered because I wish I would've been more careful of my artist! They are either blown way out & scared or just poorly given. Do research!

Dont judge! Some of us have tattoos in hidden just may not know it!

I'm getting a white bird tattoo (after Isabella Bird) soon... probably along the lines of the bottom one and on my inner-upper arm...

I've seen these feather-into-birds tattoos everywhere, but for some reason I actually like this & something stands out from the rest