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  • Tori Tobul

    Bora bora Sunset!! wow wow the colors! i love! amazing!

  • Allisa Lewis

    Sunset on the ocean waves <3

  • Marie NL.

    Bora Bora Sunset. I would like to enjoy the beauty of this seemingly enchanting area of land mass, on this amazingly enlightening planet we call Earth which we inhabit for such a short period of time. #travel #BoraBora

  • Lico Butterflykiss

    Bora bora Sunset + Purple & Turquoise Water #sea #ocean #wave #nature

  • Hunter

    "I closed my eyes and ran my hand along the shimmering wave before falling into theocean forever." #beauty #story #insparation

  • Liz Prince

    Mother Nature color palette

  • Laurel Holmes

    Bora Bora Sunset, through the waves.

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Waves come in many different forms, are all around us and manifest in many different ways i.e. light, sound, shock etc. Out of all the types of waves, experiencing ocean waves is by far the most naturally beautiful and fun, but then again, how much fun would they be without the light to see them, the crashing sound of them or the shock of being unexpectedly dumped by one?

wherethesurfersare: just beautiful. oh my goddd

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Snowy White Trees at the end of a dirt farm road look stunning against the gray sky!

This "bioluminescence" is simply blue light from phytoplankton, microscopic sea creatures that secrete illuminating chemicals as a survival mechanism.

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This reminds me of our beautiful days spent anchored out at Snipes Pt. off of Key West. That place truly is Paradise. ❤️

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